Power, performance, precision engineering

That’s what the Textron family builds into every one of its vehicles, from jets, to helicopters and other machines designed to conquer new frontiers and serve our country. Textron Off Road is proud to extend that legacy to the off road, with side-by-sides and ATVs for the hardest workers and boldest adventurers. 

Our History

You Could Say We've Always Been Training for This

Our story starts in 2003, in Natchez, Mississippi, where we built all-electric and hybrid gas/electric 4WD vehicles under the name Bad Boy®, gaining a reputation among serious hunters for stealth, and off-road performance.

In 2010, we became part of Textron Inc., a Fortune 250 company, known worldwide for its powerful aviation brands. The innovation they put into Bell® helicopters, Cessna® aircraft and more was now part of our story, and the key to our future.

In 2017, after years of bringing highly-engineered side-by-sides and ATVs to showrooms throughout North America, we added Arctic Cat’s renowned line of off-road vehicles to our lineup. One year later, we unleashed the most anticipated performance side-by-side of 2018: Wildcat XX, a vehicle built to Ride Over Everything. And there’s plenty more where that came from with our 2019 lineup

We are proud of our past and driven by our future to continue the family tradition: power, performance and precision engineering. 

This is Textron

Learn about our parent company and some of its most powerful brands.